Pirates Of The Caribbean Collectors Edition


Jersey Jack Pinball was founded in January 2011 by industry veteran Jack Guarnieri. Starting in 1975, he had serviced electromechanical pinball tables for a living, and he created the website PinballSales.com in 1999.

The company’s first table was The Wizard of Oz, released in 2013 and based on the 1939 film. This table boasted, among other things, a 26 LCD monitor in the backglass. Work then began on a table based on The Hobbit film series which was released in March 2016.

The company’s third pinball machine was Dialed In, an original theme game designed by Pat Lawlor, produced in 2017, and featuring a camera integrated into the game’s backbox to facilitate selfie photography; The game also features bluetooth technology which enables linking to a cellphone in order to control the game’s flippers remotely.

Their fourth game is based on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise



Pirates Of The Caribbean Collectors Edition

* Powdercoated coin door and speaker grilles
* Powdercoated wireform ramps to match CE finish
* Open/close chest mod
* hidden maelstrom switch mod
* Pinstadium Neos
* side art blades
* Cliffys
* Cracken
* Dauntless railing
* Flasher barrel covers
* Magnetic apron covers to match CE artwork
* CE coin door art insert
* Pirate coin shooter rod
* flipper bat toppers
* pop bumper toppers


Plays: ~1000
Mfg. Date: 12/20/2018